Daikon Studio is situated at the intersection of art and mechanics. In our Chester County studio, we design and build lights and objects that balance aesthetic desires with experiential demands. Our designs blend ancient sacred spaces like temples and stupas with the visual and material strength of steel and brass. Created with our custom dynamic hardware, Daikon lights uniquely adapt to the preferences of each client and to the specifics of each space.

Austin with Grand Dynamic Stilk.jpg

Austin | Daikon

Fueled by a passion for the underlying structure and mechanics at work in an object, Austin’s innovative mind, keen eye for details, and refined aesthetic is a grounding force at Daikon Studio. Always with a tool in hand, whether a hand forged file or the most advanced machine, Austin focuses on creating structurally informed and visually engaging fixtures for residential and commercial projects around the world.

Daikon Jury Web 3.jpg

Jury | Daikon

Jury’s passion for lighting began while conducting research for her Master of Fine Arts thesis on the poetic dialogue between light and form. Her sculptural work is extensively exhibited in museums and galleries both nationally and internationally. At Daikon, Jury applies her many years of artistic training and research to create fixtures that embody qualities of the iconic and timeless.